• Diffuser Bottles

    Diffuser bottles come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Which diffuser bottles are best for reed diffusing your room?

    There’s no set answer but for easiest use and placement, we recommend that you use the smallest diffuser bottles in powder rooms or small tables where a larger one might simply get in the way. 4 oz and 8 oz fit the bill for these and we have them in lots of colors and shapes to go with any decor.

    Locate your reed diffusers in a place where tail-wags won’t hit them and where they won’t be brushed accidentally by your little ones.

    The fragrance of reed diffusers can be refreshed at any time by simply flipping the reeds. Do this at a sink so you don’t accidentally spray your wallpaper or linens.

    When the diffuser reeds no longer seem to be throwing scent, just replace them with a fresh batch of diffuser reeds.

    For as little as $7 per 100 you’ll have enough for many months of scented fragrance to fresh the air in your home or business.

    diffuser bottles

    diffuser bottles

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  • Your Home Fragrance

    Everyone’s home has a fragrance of its own. I was reminded of the reality of this yesterday when I forgot to set the timer while baking up a batch of sweet potato chips. I was able to get the char off the cookie sheet, but the smell..

    We get used to the way our home smells and hardly think about it. Our guests, however,  pick up on its distinctive fragrance—good or bad—immediately. Ever notice how you are tuned into the scent when you open the front door after you’ve been away for a few days?

    Fortunately you can fine tune the personal fragrance of your home with Reed Diffusers. home fragrance

    Fresh Linen in your front hall can give your home that well-cared-for feeling. Or maybe you have a bouquet of spring flowers that you want to accent. Use Gardenia or Lilac Blossom.

    In our house, it’s the Douglas Fir reed diffuser in the downstairs bath that smells so good when I return home. And of course, the downstairs bath had better smell good because that’s where our guests will eventually end up during a visit.

    In the kitchen, you can keep a reed diffuser that calls up memories of Home Sweet Home with Sweet or Spice. Cinnamon (Cookies?) or  Vanilla Spice. We have a huge selection with a choice for every style.

    Do you have pets and children? If you have one or the other (or both! wink), you have another category of home frabest reed diffusersgrance.

    Our dog, wet from a rainy walk, makes the mudroom smell… damp. “Damp” is probably the most polite way to describe wet dog smell. And our three cats? All sharing a litter box in the laundry room? I’m thankful that we use a strong Eucalyptus scent here. It clears the air really well, but any of our Citrus scents will do the trick too. We love Citrus and Sage and Citrus too.

    Our children are grown and out of the house but I’m reminded of the scent of teens and tweens when I go to the gym. My toning class follows the Swim Team’s workout session in the gym and—whew!—it is a powerful reminder of the strength of hormones. Peppermint reed diffuser to the rescue! If we can’t get them to put their smelly socks in the hamper, at least we have something to tone it down. An added bonus is that the mint scents increase alertness at study time.

    Finally—the bedroom. I love to doze off to sleep with a Lavender or a Lavender blend like Lavender Rain or Lavender Sage. But, depending on your motivation, we have more romantic choices too. Tea Rose Garden, Indian Sandalwood, Nag Champa, Patchouli Raspberry or the classic Fresh Linen. All  very different.

    Visit our Reed Diffuser Oils page for a fresh new summer scent to add to one of our beautiful bottles, or choose a Louie Signature Set with bottle, reeds and the fragrance of your choice.

    BTW, we have a handy chart that shows all the categories of our Reed Diffuser Oils: calming, romantic, cozy home, energizing, floral, uplifting, spicy etc. See it here. You can create a fragrance signature that reflects different sections of your home and suits their use.

    home fragrancehome fragrancehome fragrance







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  • National Fragrance Day

    It’s National Fragrance Day!

    National Fragrance DayIsn’t it amazing how scent takes us back to the past?

    For me, the scent of lilacs reminds me of my mother’s favorite flower, the Mason jar bouquets on the kitchen table that filled the entire house with fragrance.

    Did you know that the human brain can identify more than 10,000 smells?

    National Fragrance DayIt’s because your nose has at least 350 different odorant receptor proteins. These receptor proteins detect the scents in the air by combining in different combinations to identify scent molecules entering the nose. The coded signals then transfer from the nose to the olfactory bulb in the brain. From the olfactory bulb, the signals transfer to the cortex where they are mapped as “odor perceptions”. They are stored there throughout your lifetime.

    This is how a certain scent will remind you of a certain place or a time in your life.

    Our reed diffusers are very environmentally friendly. They emanate NO soot or film onto your furniture, walls and ceiling- the way candles do. (If you use an ionic air cleaner, you already know that ionic cleaners must be cleaned twice as often if you use candles in your home. Not so with reed diffusers.)

    Our ingredients are alcohol-free and DPG-free. Unregulated reed diffusers from China may have any combination of unregulated ingredients.Want to learn more about Reed Diffusers and Fragrance?

    Visit our FAQs page!

    National Fragrance Day


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  • Fragrance Reed Diffusers Equal Feel Good Memories

    Feel Good with Fragrance Reed Diffusers!

    Whether it’s the smell of home-baked cookies during the holidays, or the ozone notes of cool frosty air, reed diffusers bring cheer into your space.

    Only you know what specific scents wake up your senses and make you feel good, but chances are, we have more than a few of your favorites.

    Since we’re in the thick of the winter holidays, there are scores of scents that wake up of our individual holiday touchstones.

    For some it might be, as mentioned earlier, home-baked cookies. That means cinnamon, cranberry, peppermint, vanilla and anything with spice have the ability to kindle memories of childhood.

    For others, the winter holidays mean the outdoors. Northern pine, Douglas fir, Victorian Christmas, balsam fir, bayberry and eucalyptus all generate nostril-opening bright sensations of hiking, gathering greens for wreathmaking, climbing a hillside in search of the perfect Christmas tree and all the related sweater-wearing events.

    Florals have their place at any time of year as they also have good odds of recollecting the good times. Whether it’s our grandmother’s perennial beds or a first corsage or a special bridal bouquet, individual floral reed diffuser scents are a complex mixture of fragrances layered in top, middle and bottom notes- just like a fine perfume.

    Why not recreate memories with the scent memories of reed diffusers by tucking them discreetly into corners of your home where they will greet not only you- after a long day at work- but also greet your guests with the scent of your well-cared for home.

    Fragrance Reed Diffusers for Happy Holidays!

    fragrance reed diffusers

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    fragrance reed diffusers

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  • Favorite Reed Diffusers

    Choosing your Favorite Reed Diffusers is personal. First, what kinds of scents catch your attention? What kind of scents make you feel good? Which scents remind you of favorite places or good times?  Choose Scents Here

    favorite reed diffusers

    Some people like fragrance that cuts through the air like a January wind in snowy woods. Others prefer ozone-type scents like rain and ocean fresh scents.

    Some people like fruity scents and berry scents. These are sweet- calling you to inhale something that’s luscious and juicy.

    Herbal scents are a singular fragrance choice with a definite plant matter scent, specific, and very different from one to the next.

    Citrus scents have a zesty, crisp element. They also blend well with herbals.

    Florals are a popular choice because they commonly carry us back to places and times in our lives. Lilac takes me back to cutting stems of lilac blossoms for my mother when she would send me out to the yard with her big black kitchen shears, and then she’d put them in glasses around the house. Freesia and Stargazer lilies are popular in bridal bouquets, so they reflect big events with family and friends.

    Woodsy scents especially bring the outdoors in and are popular with those who want their homes to reflect their love of the outdoors.

    Favorite reed diffusers come in such a variety and, not surprisingly, these favorites are affected by geographic regions. Example: If you live in a warm, humid place, your favorite reed diffusers might lean toward fresh and cool.

    A really nice advantage of reed diffusers over sprayables is that reed diffusers are long lasting and can be capped and swapped for a change of scent easily. Keep a variety of choices handy and you’ll always have a reed diffuser that matches your mood.

    Favorite Reed Diffusers      Choose Scents Here

    favorite reed diffusers

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