Custom Printed Personalized Self-Stick Labels

101 images  for our Custom Printed Labels are shown below in several subject categories.
Labels are printed in brilliant, high resolution color on oil-resistant glossy 2"x2" self-stick labels.

Click on the image to see label styles that our graphic designers have created.
2 labels are shown for each style: one without text, and one with text.
The text shown is a sample to show text position only.

We print your personalized text on the labels. NO MINIMUM order.
Great prices for short run custom printed labels for your products. See suggestions.

(Don't like the font choice on the sample that's shown? When you place your order, simply tell us which font you'd like us to substitute.)
herbal & spa    

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floral & wedding



autumn & winter





summer &
seaside &




color themes

(add your text)



  • Use Custom printed labels for your bottled & boxed products, candle labels, your personalized stickers, special event tags & more.

  • Stick them on folded card stock to create very special personalized gift tags, party favor tags, or sell tags.

  • Stick them on our clear plastic boxes and you have an instant Private Label item.



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